UK Domain Names for Sale – June 2013

I spotted this afternoon that Rhys was selling a few of his domains and it reminded me that I have a few knocking around that I’m happy to let go.

Below is the list of domains I’m looking to sell on, along with their approx. monthly search volume (taken via the Google AdWords Keyword Tool). None of the domains have any history in terms of having websites on them, as they’ve kind of just been sitting around in my 123-reg account. Drop me an email (kieronhughes[at]gmail[dot]com) if you’re interested!

  • – 6,600 searches (up to 74k+ at time of event)
  • – 4,400 searches (up to 12k+ at time of event)
  • – 14,800 searches
  • – 5,400 searches
  • – 320 searches
  • – 2,900 searches
  • – 590 searches
  • – 2,400 searches