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Reflections (tips?) on product-led growth (PLG)

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I’ve been immersed in the world of product-led growth over the last couple of years, and figured I’d share some of my personal reflections in an extremely rare blog post.

1. Know your customers/users

Forget any assumptions you might have; the key to driving PLG success is to know as much as possible about your would-be customers, how they’re currently operating, their existing pains, and the ambitions of their teams.

The utopia of mass-market adoption is only possible by knowing who your core audience is, and what would drive them to commit to using your product.

2. Make the product do the heavy lifting

You could have the best documentation in the world, but if something isn’t clear enough in your product, you need to solve it in your product.

There’s a brilliant example from Super Mario Bros, on how new features/capability can be gradually introduced to new users. Highly recommend spending 8 minutes watching this video from Mario’s creator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRGRJRUWafY

3. Maximise the number of users who can self-serve

Customer support can be an expensive use of resource, and that support can become super repetitive. There needs to be some clear routes for users to self-serve, but it must be easily accessible, and easily digestible.

Bonus points here if you can empower your users to support each other.

4. Interrogate your key journeys from the eyes of a customer

Constant tweaking of customer journeys can be great, but may eventually lead to a disjointed experience over time. There needs to be an always-on approach to identifying customer frictions, and there’s no better method than hearing from users themselves.

5. Establish a set of measures that all teams can get behind

I’ve seen first-hand how teams can become siloed when there’s a division of responsibiliy based on KPIs. In an org that’s committed to product-led growth, there needs to be full alignment in the metrics that matter most, and a drive to have all teams looking at the same set of numbers on a regular basis.

I’m still only just scratching the surface after spending a prior 10+ years focussed more on pureplay digital strategy, but have loved learning about PLG.

For those new to this world (as I was recently), I’d highly recommend spending some time reading the great content that exists out there. I recently re-read Crossing the Chasm (thanks Ross) which is brilliant, while my recent favourite is Product-Led Onboarding from Ramli John (who also has an excellent podcast with Wes Bush).

If you have any tips/recommendations then please do let me know.