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Insights from Google’s Webmaster Product Summit

On Monday I was in Mountain View for Google’s first ever Webmaster Product Summit. This was a great blend of lightning talks, Q&As, and the chance to hear some of Google’s thoughts on the future of their products.

There’s been a few roundups done, but each person will likely have different takeaways depending on the conversations they had with Googlers throughtout the day. I was lucky enough to speak to multiple Google teams during the day, and particularly during the product fair they ran with all of the applicable teams.

Here are my thoughts summarised from the day.

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Finding your link building ‘hook’

Content marketing is the new link building. Apparently.

Since Google’s Penguin update hit with a bang in 2012, the SEO approach to outreach has changed significantly. The ‘create great content’ message that Google had been pushing for a long time finally began to materialise, as people in the SEO industry switched focus onto producing content at greater volumes for clients and campaigns.

This is where a bit of a problem can emerge though. It’s all well and good creating content that should appeal to your audience, or content which is well designed, but when it comes to content marketing and using content to attract links and shares online, you need a hook or an angle. Why would someone share your content? Who will link to this?

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Who will link to this?

If you’re in the active business of creating content for the purpose of gaining shares/links, are you asking yourself this question enough: Who will link to this?

Going back as recently as 3-4 years ago, link building services were at a high, because building links at scale was easy. People would buy 200 directory submissions here, spin the text of a couple of articles over there, and along with a few other less-than-white-hat tactics, you had high quantities of links to show your client on the first of the month.

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How to Export Gmail Emails to Excel CSV

I needed a way of exporting the email messages from Gmail to Excel CSV format recently, and there’s a lot of random (and confusing) solutions listed online, so thought I’d blog about the one that actually worked for me.

It’s all pretty straight forward – here’s how.

Step 1: Download & Install Thunderbird

Hop over to the Mozilla website and download the email client Thunderbird. Once you’ve installed it, open up the program and head to step two.

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