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Stop. Start. Stop. Start.

Chuck Palahniuk

Last week I was reading Chuck Palahniuk’s AMA on reddit and one particular answer struck me. The question posed to Chuck was (to paraphrase), “What offends you?”, to which he responded:

What offends me? Waste offends me, or great ideas that never get developed. I want to steal from every writer I meet who shares a brilliant idea that he or she will never complete.

As I looked through my domain list on 123-reg this morning, that quote struck a chord. I have 20 registered domain names, down from around 35 about 6 months ago. The amount of sites that sit live on them? One. This blog. And that wasn’t even live until today.

The problem in the past has been finding the time or effort to get things done, which has resulted in waste. And lots of it. But that is something I hope to put right, as in reality there isn’t that much needed to get certain things done, it’s mostly just a mental barrier in my head.

After a day’s work I convince myself that I’ve earned the rest of the night on the sofa in front of the TV, and although I might have, there are things that I could be doing to be more productive.

This blog post is just a small step in the direction of reducing waste. Over the coming weeks/months, I plan on actually finishing some of the projects that I started long ago, with the first one now ticked off; re-launching my blog.

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